The rating report of wine properties

✔ A qualitative and objective transparency with an entire neutrality, a factor plus on the regional, national and international wine market.

✔ Requirements for a legitimacy with expert level and a confidence of the various operators of the wine market.

✔ An objective reading for the wine property owners and for the whole of partners in the wine-producing sector.

✔ Grades with dynamic and proactive virtues. They are drivers for credibility with consequence on the markets governed by brokers and trade.

✔ A significant influence on the chain of financial engineering.

A rating report certified and confidential

This mission of rating brings an informed notice to the wine property owner and/or to the applicant through a certified and confidential “Rating Report” which they are the only ones to hold together with the Odis Viti Consultancy kept by him in a secured place.
For each sector analyzed, the main elements of the wine property will be considered according to our VEEP method, “standard” of rating, in particular:

  • Intangible and land elements
  • Technical elements and operating elements
  • Economic elements
  • Fundamental financial elements

Those elements collected by Odis Viti are subjected to professional secrecy. They will be kept in a secured place as vouchers constituting elements of appreciation and analysis to justify to the authorities, if needed, the scope of analysis and the part played by the Consultancy, its ethical rules and the transparency of its methods.

Authoritative Report

The rating report includes a grade for each scope of analysis and a rating called overall grade of the wine property. The grades for each scope and/or comments included in the rating report are kept by the wine property owner and/or the applicant and only them. They will decide themselves according to the utility, and under their own responsibility, as for their partial or total dissemination towards third parties.

A progressive rating

At wine property owner’s and/or applicant’s express request, it’s possible to open and reconsider the last archived rating report if convincing elements likely to modify the rating of the wine property come to be presented. In this case, the new elements are collected, analyzed and examined by the Committee in order to rule on the modification of the grade which has already been attributed. If such is the case, the rating is modified accordingly and appended to the report already existing.
Every three years, the wine property owner or the applicant will be proposed a global updating of his Rating Report.

Mission and Fees

For the following works Odis Viti will receive fees taking into account:

  • Phase of documentation and data processing
  • Analysis and limited review
  • Committees and Rating works
  • Elaboration of rating report

Odis Viti is free to accept or refuse a rating mission with no need to justify its decision if, when requested or during its mission, appear some elements or information which would not comply with its requirements or would be to the detriment of a genuine information in the rating procedure or on the contrary to its code of good practice promulgated according to the criteria of the Authority of Financial Markets (AMF) / ANACOFI-CIF with which Consultancy Odis Viti is approved under the number E001063.

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