The identification certificate of the wine property and its vineyards

To make a request for identification certificate: download, fill then send this request form of certification (pdf)

A simple and practical tool of certification

The certificate of identification brings a simple and practical tool of certification, authentication and recognition of the wine property within the frame work of the various registrations : professional database, administrative procedures, trade associations, commercial information, referencing, communications , etc…

The lawful existence of the wine property

The certificate of identification particularly applies to the operations of control by which Odis Viti attests of the regularity of documentation or information after they have been checked and verified. Thus it certifies the regular existence of the property.

Certified referenced information

The identity certificate is represented by a form with referenced certified information and by the delivery of a certification number.
Odis Viti offers you this service by the elaboration, according to a very precise and standardized procedure, of the “certificate of identification of the wine property and its vineyards”. The certification of the wine property is the approach by which Odis Viti checks and authenticates the origin and the conformity of the information linked to a wine property.

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