Rating of wine properties VEEP

VEEP : Vineyards & Estates Evaluation Program

The VEEP rating is a standard and a methodology structured in quality analysis and valuation of the wine property. It combines in one and same approach the expertise of essential elements from land to financial value of the property.

Fundamentals of wine property

This “unique” rating leans on the fundamentals which constitute the wine property to give an objective reading on a common scale. It brings additional objective, concrete and realistic landmarks other than the existing valuations, by comparison, capitalization, re-creation taken into account.
All the determining criteria of analysis have been listed and analyzed by experts during several years. They are, for the most part of them, recognized by professional and experts but, until now, they have never been resumed, organized, analyzed in a process leading to a rating.

The objective valuation of wine property: readability for your partners

This credibility in the analysis and this rigorous approach bring, in the present economic and financial context, strong basis of valuation for the wine property face to its various external interlocutors. VEEP rating therefore brings landmarks to its financial partners, commercial partners (brokers, wine merchants), importers, investors and for the whole actors of the wine-producing sector.
It also enables to make easier the financing of properties as regards banks, financial societies and/or partners. It highlights in an objective way the elements and items to be financed and consolidates the other fundamental items.

A valuation independent of the fame of the property

Each property needs to position on its own market through its personality, its culture and the emphasis of its different plus factors. The rating report is the only opportunity to be identifiable, readable and personalized by each of them.

A sustainable rating

The rating values the property owner and all his efforts to emphasize the wine property as from T instant and afterward in the course of its development.
This rating brings the notion of structural continued existence face to third parties in investments made by the wine property owner for the trade market and for commercial networks. Thus it enables to position and consolidate on the world market in terms of quality and durability of its production, thus of its brand and its price.

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